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Web-Hoster Dedicated Server Matrix
Dedicated Server 1 Dedicated Server 2
Number of sites (sold in blocks of.) up to 200
up to 200
Monthly Fee £250 £350
Disk Space 4.3 GB
10 GB
System Memory
16 MB
64 MB
Data Transfer Allocation per month
5 GB 5 GB
Resilient backbone with failover links ü ü
Email Services
POP Mailboxes


Unlimited to capacity
Unlimited to capacity
E-Mail Forwarding* ü ü
E-Mail Aliasing* ü ü
Auto Responder Unlimited Unlimited
Web Site management
Web based management console ü ü
Graphical Usage / Reporting Statistics ü ü
FrontPage® Supported ü ü
Mail control panel ü ü
CGI Features
Personal CGI Directory
Pre-Made CGI Scripts ü ü
Perl / Perl Script Support ü ü
Hit counter
E-Commerce features
Miva e-commerce (25 Items)
Miva e-commerce (unlimited Items)
Additional Services
Setup Fee
Dedicated Servers
Key Features:
  • Customer Login Access to our support area
  • 4.3 MB Disk space
  • POP mailboxes - unlimited subject to disk capacity
  • Web based Management Console
  • Graphical usage and reporting statistics
  • CGI support
  • FrontPage® supported
Dedicated servers really come into their own when your web site has become staggeringly successful, thousands of hits a day which invariably involve downloading a lot of of data.

Opting for a dedicated server allows you to bypass the expense of buying a server yourself up front, and learning to use the server and setup the variety of services required to publish successfully.

In essence you have a server solely for your site without having to share server space and bandwidth transfer limitations on a virtual server.

The domain is yours!!
We register it to YOU, not us.

Unlike other companies registering domains, we don't lease it to you. i.e. if you wanted to transfer it to use another web hosting provider (who knows why!) at a later date it is yours to move. We would not charge you to release your domain :)