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It doesn't get easier or cheaper than this!
Home Site

(limited to 1 per household)

Monthly: £ 5.00 !!

Set-up fee: £ FREE

Domain Name: £15 (

Key Features:
  • 10 MB Disk space
  • 5 POP mailboxes
  • Web based Management Console
  • Graphical usage and reporting statistics
  • CGI support
  • FrontPage® supported
* Normally £7.50 p/m, domain name £25
The domain is yours!!
We register it to YOU, not us.

Unlike other companies registering domains, we don't lease it to you. i.e. if you wanted to transfer it to use another web hosting provider (who knows why!) at a later date it is yours to move. We would not charge you to release your domain :)

(Limited Period only)*

The Home Site package is for the home user who would like their own domain name e-mail and website all at a very, very low cost! Whilst other ISPs etc will offer you your own web space it is normally something like:


OR (at best)


What an address, and then your email address is based aound their domain name.

Be Yourself!

Register your own domain name with us, have your own website address, http://www.(your domain) and have your own email address(es), you can choose the names, whateveryouwant@your, the choice is yours, and it won't hit your pocket.

To order, email us at: