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Quiz System

On-Line Quiz Systems can be used to create Intranet product knowledge testing systems, provide test preparation for educational and training institutions, build distance learning applications, or as an attraction for commercial web sites.

Forum System

Electronic conferences are fundamental to the Internet. This applet demonstrates a messaging system that allows users to post messages and organize them into a searchable category based forum.

Category Based Index Of Web Pages

One of the most common applications on the web is an index of web pages. This applet shows how htmlscript can be used to build an interactive index.

Mailing List Form

This applet shows a simple technique for solving the common problem of users not filling in a form correctly. The user is re-prompted to fill in the data until they get it right.


OWDC allows you to easily integrate content from any web application.

Site Analysis Tool

This template analyzes a site and produces a report which contains all of the tags, attributes, and text contained within a document.

Link Extraction/Analysis Tool

This template produces a report which contains all of the links on a web page

UPS Online Shipping Calculation

In addition to CyberSource's SCMP protocol, MvCOMMERCE also supports a METAMETHOD of UPSCost. This allows you to do online calculation of UPS shipping charges using UPS' CGI gateway.

Miva Mia, available through Web-Hoster clients as a free download, is a personal, low volume web server with integrated Miva Script. Merchants and developers use Miva Mia to test their Miva Script applications on their desktop before deploying the application on a Miva Empresa enabled web server. Miva Mia is available for Windows 95/98 or NT Workstation.

Miva Mia runs applications written in Miva Script and
provides a powerful set of advanced web development features Abundled suite of template applications written in Miva Script lets you begin developing Miva applications immediately.

Integrated Database
A high-performance, architecture-neutral, multi-user database system is integrated into Miva Mia. The database system uses xBase compatible data files and special cross-platform index files. Database and index files can be copied and used across web server platforms without any conversion or time consuming data unload/load procedures.

The XML-based Miva Script language lets web site developers access advanced e-commerce and database features in an HTML environment. Because the system is tagbased, HTML users can build active content documents. Advanced users can develop function libraries using Miva Script's user-defined function capabilities. Developing an application using Miva Script is as easy as using industry standard tag-based syntax in the active document. There is no easier way than Miva Script to build sophisticated active server-side documents. Web developers can implement applications that integrate HTML, e-commerce gateways, electronic mail, database, and internet protocols in a few hours.

Miva Mia, the personal edition of Miva for Windows, comes bundled with all of the Template Apps pre-installed. You can also Download them directly and run them on any Miva-enabled web server.