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Web Designer Package & Web-Hoster Support

This is where value really begins!

Web Designer

Monthly: £ 50

Set-up fee: £ 100

Domain Names (See Price List)

Key Features:

The SOHO Package (x5) at a great price

An annual saving of £150!! on already low, low prices

  • Customer Login Access to our support area
  • 50 MB Disk space per site
  • 11 POP mailboxes, an additional FREE POP box per domain for the web designer and the collection of webmaster mail.
  • Web based Management Console
  • Graphical usage and reporting statistics
  • CGI support
  • FrontPage® supported
The domains are yours!!
We register it to YOU, not us.

Unlike other companies registering domains, we don't lease it to you. i.e. if you wanted to transfer it to use another web hosting provider (who knows why!) at a later date it is yours to move. We would not charge you to release your domain :)

We make is easy! Out technical support team have a wealth of experience in LAN setup, maintenance, implementation of corporate Internet solutions. As a result we are able to offer through our support pages some tricks of the trade and advice on how to bypass expensive solutions with high quality tools and methods that meet your needs and don't hit the pocket.
The Web Designer package is firmly aimed at the Web Designer! Funny that.

Web-Hoster understands the needs of the web designer looking for a value add solution that can be resold.

Here we are offering 5 SOHO accounts that enable a Web Designer to offer our value add SOHO package to their clientel with realistic margins whilst retaining quality service provision and administration benefits.

In this way the Web Designer is able to offer their clients the corporate benefits - email and information sharing / advertising 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Our SOHO solution provides the presence they require, and what's more our charge need be the only cost. No need for clients to contemplate an expense such MS Exchange for mail when they can collect their mail directly from Web-Hoster, or use multipop drop collection and use cost effective mailserver programs. We have a recommended selection available in our client login area.

These will allow you to distribute email collected from a single POP account (multipop drop) and distribute it to your LAN users, providing them with their own dedicated email account on their workstation.

These days Internet connectivity with reputable service providers such as Netscape Online and Virgin Net to name but two, is totally free!

The only additional cost is the call charges themselves and this is where things are getting interesting.

Whilst you could submit the ISP's connection number to your telecom providers discount schemes, then this need not be very costly.

However, as of June BT will be offering through ISPs a service called BT Surftime. BT supply participating ISPs with a connection number that incurs NO CALL CHARGES. You pay a flat fee for you access, for an overview of this service check the link below BT Surftime.

Once you have Internet connectivity of this sort the overhead in collecting mail directly from our servers is minimialised to the point where a local mailserver offers little benefit for small networks looking purely for a cost effective LAN and Internet based mail system.

What could be simpler? SOHO with Web Hoster's technical team's advice and support utilities.

Looking for an E-commerce enabled solution with the benefits above attached, check out SOHO Commerce.

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